Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Portland Tribune features KBPS

The Portland Tribune recently featured an interview with Kevin Flink, longtime Benson radio instructor and current KPBS operations manager.  The article has a great summary of all the positive changes Flink has instituted since his return.  You can read more here:

Changes, donations keep KPBS on air

The article mentions that efforts are underway to raise enough money to keep the station operating through the summer.  While they’ve raised roughly 50% of the necessary funds, your support would help tremendously.  Head on over to their website, for information on how to donate.

The BPHSAA recently voted to authorize a donation of $500 to Kevin Flink and KBPS to keep KPBS on the air through the summer.  Please bring your checkbook to Tech Show and join us in donating to this worthy effort.

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