Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

State of the School Address

All are invited to attend Principal Campbell’s upcoming presentation to the school board.  She will address Benson’s current programs, the challenges they are facing and her vision for the future.

When: Monday, April 29th at 6pm
Where: Blanchard Education Service Center, 501 N. Dixon Street (map)

While this event is part of a regular school board meeting, this is not a rally or protest.  We see this as an excellent opportunity to support Principal Campbell, learn about the current state of Benson and assist the school board in recognizing the community that stands behind Benson.  We would encourage you to wear your orange and blue, as appropriate.  However, signs, flyers and other protest-like materials would be best saved for another event.

You can watch an archived video recording of the meeting here (Benson presentation starts at 1:40 mark):

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