Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Join us in 2014

Now is the perfect time for you to join us in 2014! (Join/Renew online) Our annual membership drive is underway and we would be honored to have your support this year.

Over the past year, membership funds have allowed us to:

  • Stand in support of a full athletics program at Benson.  The district presented several scenarios that included completely eliminating Benson’s athletic program.  The BPHSAA joined the chorus of voices who spoke out at public input sessions and in letters to the board.
  • Assist PPS and Benson to submit a successful SB498 grant application.  BPHSAA members, particularly Chairman Rob Johns ’77, worked tirelessly to position Benson as a key recipient of grant money that will allow programs such as drafting to be reinstated.
  • Provide continuity during the surprise change in Benson’s principal.  PPS surprised us by transferring Carol Campbell to Grant last summer, just as she and her administration were really gaining momentum on issues of increasing Benson’s enrollment and reinstating lost programs.  The BPHSAA reached out early and often to incoming principal, Curtis Wilson, Jr.  Principal Wilson has been stellar in picking up the mantle and advancing these issues.
  • Conduct regular tours for potential industry and political partners.  BPHSAA members regularly conduct tours, opening eyes to the great things happening at Benson.
  • Established formal relationship between Benson and the Oregon Institute of Technology.  This includes the opportunity for dual-credit courses, guest lectures by OIT professors, regular student visits to OIT’s Klamath Falls and new Wilsonville campuses.
  • Continue our regular activities such as the Alumni Pep Band, the spring cleanup, constant communication via email, website, Facebook, LinkedIn and postal mail, free hamburgers and hot dogs at our fantastic Benson Community Picnic, free refreshments, displays and presentations in the Alumni Room at Tech Show, and free reunion related assistance with communication.

There are two convenient ways to complete your 2013 membership:

  1. Click here to complete your membership online
  2. Mail your $12 check, made payable to the Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association, to our mailing address:

546 NE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232

Thank you for standing with us to support Benson.

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