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The unique math of Benson’s Tech Geometry

The Oregonian’s Steve Duin filed an article about the Tech Geometry program created by two Benson teachers, Amy Slaughter and Tim Hryciw.  Much has been written about this success of this program, but now there is doubt as to its future.

Tech Geometry needs space to allow the students to build the shelter designs they come up with.  Unfortunately, despite only having ~850 students, space is at a premium at Benson.  Much in the same way that Benson’s enrollment has been whittled away in recent years, its square footage has been carved up and given to several district alternative education programs.  The Tech Geometry program is using borrowed space in an auto shop, but that location is in doubt for next year and without a new space, the program may be discontinued.  Should that happen, Hryciw says they’ll leave Benson and take the program elsewhere, which is telling given the dedication these teachers have for Benson.

Here’s hoping that PPS can find space for the Tech Geometry program at Benson.


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