Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Benson Tech Community Mobilization for the Bond Campaign

What You Need to Know:

The Benson Tech community is coming together to support the Health, Safety and Modernization Bond to help make a lasting impact on Benson Tech and the safety of its students for years to come. Join fellow alums, advocates and teachers for food, drinks and discussion about how we can make a positive difference in our community. This event will take place Wednesday April 19th from 4:00pm to 6:30pm at 116 NE 6th Ave. We look forward to seeing you there!

Bond Overview:

As you probably know the modernization of Benson Polytechnic High School along with other Portland schools is part of a bond measure that will be up for vote Tuesday May 16, 2017. If approved Benson Tech will receive $202 million for modernization & safety improvements out of the $790 million budget. The bond will enable schools to correct plumbing issues, get necessary roof repairs, seismic upgrades, accessibility improvements and more. We do not just care about Benson Tech because we are alums. We care because Benson Tech has one of the highest graduation rates in the district and is filled with driven and talented students often taking multiple buses to commute to school from single parent households. These students along with students from Lincoln HS, Madison HS and Kellogg MS deserve to learn in a safe environment that enhances their educational experience.

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