Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Class of 1998 – 20 year

** Updated 5/28/2018 **

They say the 20-Year Reunion is suppose to the best one, so let’s get together and make it just that!

Class of 1998 always did have a reputation of knowing how to have a good time, so come as you are and let’s just simply do what we do! And, no… saying you already know what’s going on with everyone via Facebook, isn’t a reason not to come. We are so excited to get us all in one place and actually hang out in person, connect, and catch up!

We are also raising funds to purchase a memorial bench in honor of our classmates who departed us way too soon. For more information about the campaign, please check out our Go Fund Me page:

Join us at the Benson Community Picnic, Saturday August 11 from 12-4pm. Additional activities are being planned. To stay up to date, please visit our Facebook page at:

All alumni and family are welcome! Spread the word!

Excited to see you!

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