Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

BPHSAA Chairman speaks out against enrollment caps

BPHSAA Chairman, Rob Johns ’77, recently toured Benson with OPB Radio’s Rob Manning and Principal Carol Campbell to see the effects that the 2-year old enrollment cap have had on Benson’s programs.  You can listen to Rob Manning’s report here:

You can read a transcript of the report over on OPB’s website.

Updated 3/12/2013

Later the same day, Johns spoke at the Portland School Board meeting.  He presented a letter, signed by several prominent local manufacturers, imploring the district to ease or remove its cap on Benson’s enrollment.  You can find a detailed write-up of Johns’ testimony over at the Oregonian.

Read the signed letter here.

Updated 3/19/2013

Join Rob Johns at Portland City Hall tomorrow (3/20/2013) at 9am to rally in favor of PPS lifting Benson’s enrollment cap.

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