Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Student health center coming to Benson Tech

Through the continuous efforts of a few indefatigable supporters — namely Benson Tech Counselor Amy Henry and Planning Coordinator Doreen Roozee, whose testimony last week before the Budget Committee of the PPS Board capped off an 18-month
effort — an approval of up to $300,000 was passed to be spent for the renovation of the old Tool Crib space at Benson Tech into a health center for the students. As this newsletter went to press, another $70,000 was funded for interior furnishings for exam rooms and workstations. The health center will be sponsored and operated by Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Kaiser Permanente.

Thanks go to the Oregonian (whose articles prompted support
from OHSU) and to the support from Benson Tech Principal  Curtis Wilson and others at PPS and the PPS Board. The invitation to bid on this construction will be let soon!

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