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Update for Benson Tech’s five-year plan

An updated version of Benson Polytechnic High School’s Five-year Plan will be available in early September 2015. The update lays out a number of important high-priority action items to improve Benson Tech over the next three school years. The update reflects the progress made since the Plan’s adoption
two years ago, as well as a reasoned assessment as to what is needed and/or is possible in near future.

Benson Tech is one of the few high schools in the country that
has developed a multi-year plan to guide its growth and  improvement — implicitly setting priorities for the school and its supporters.

The idea of a Five-year Plan originated in Benson’s Site Council (a
school advisory group made up of Benson’s teachers and staff, parents, students and the alumni).

Significant action items for the 2015-16 school year include introducing AVID for sophomores (an academic support program), expanding the recently developed Tech Algebra-Enterprise and GeoTech classes, laying the foundation for a computer engineering/science major, opening a new health and
wellness center, strengthening parent-school connections, starting an Entrepreneur Club, establishing a Benson Centennial planning committee, rebuilding Benson’s football program and contributing to PPS’s master planning effort to rebuild Benson in the 2017-2020 period.

These and other action items take into account a continued gradual increase in Benson Tech’s enrollment to exceed 1,000 students by 2016-17.

The original Plan and its implementation
in the past two school years led to actions creating a Tech Algebra-Enterprise course, bringing back architecture, creating an architecture/design advisory committee, starting a Freshman Welcome Picnic, allocating resources to computer science and robotics, updating video and other materials provided to eighth graders interested in attending Benson Tech and increasing
the school’s enrollment.

Download Benson’s Five-year Plan (Updated 8/2015)

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