Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Update on PPS Board decision on Benson Tech’s enrollment cap

The Benson Tech community — including students, teachers
school leadership, parents and friends, and alumni —
has rallied over the last few years to press Portland Public Schools
(PPS) to lift the enrollment limitations at Benson Tech adopted in 2010. More than 500 students have been turned away from the school since then.

The Oregonian Editorial Board published its position in favor of lifting the “cap”. There were two July school board meetings where this issue was voted upon.

Led by new school board member (and Benson parent)
Paul Anthony, there was almost majority of the board in favor
of “lifting the cap” at the July 28 board meeting. However,
a compromise was created to allow PPS Superintendant
Carole Smith to come back to the board before the end of the year with her plan on the future of Benson Tech.

While the Benson Tech community and the BPHSAA were  disappointed that the cap was not lifted, public opinion and the press seems to be on our side.

More to come in this effort!

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