Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Benson among leaders in graduation rate yet again.

Principal Wilson recently shared some of Benson’s latest graduation statistics:

Overall Summary of Benson’s Graduation Rates:

  • The State of Oregon four-year graduation rate is 74.83%
  • Portland Public Schools four-year graduation rate is 75.46%
  • Benson’s four-year graduation rate is 89.3%

Graduation Rates Based on Student Demographics:

  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander—100%
  • Latino Students—94%
  • White Students—90%
  • Multi-Racial Students—88%
  • African American Students—86%
  • Asian Students—84%

Graduation Rates Based on Selected Demographics:

  • Female Students—91%
  • Male Students—87%
  • Economically Disadvantaged—86%
  • Special Education—97%
  • TAG—100%
  • Limited English Proficient—58%

Achievement Gap:

The Black/White achievement gap nearly closed here at Benson as this gap is now within 4 percentage points. This means that Black/African American students in the 4-year cohort graduated from Benson last year at an 86% mark and White students in the same 4-year cohort graduated from Benson last year with an 90% mark. Our Latino students had the biggest gain as 94% of our Latino students in the 4-year cohort graduated from Benson Tech last year.

I am so proud of all of our students, staff, parents, and community for working together in order to help our students be successful. Benson Tech is a very unique school and our demographics and curriculum/CTE component is like no other within the city and state. This is a true testament to all the hard work that goes into working as a collective team in helping our students be able to reach their fullest potential while at Benson Tech.

Thanks again for all you do in helping our students succeed and supporting each other in the success of Benson Tech.

Go Tech!!

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