Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni Association

Tech Pride Volunteers mobilize to help Benson Tech

Benson Tech’s uniqueness stems from both its elite immersive CTE programming and its diverse student body. CTE and extracurricular programs educating our students demand very specific needs. Currently, a weekly newsletter is emailed to Benson Tech parents/guardians to update families on district and school news. However, no effective system exists for parents/guardians to communicate with each other, form community, or organize. This barrier prevents essential mobilization of those parents/guardians who might contribute talents, time, funding, resources, or community ties to meet school goals and to overcome poor district decisions and actions. We require a sustainable organizational structure to connect resources with our needs and wants, a stronger networked community – the Tech Pride Volunteers – to help build and continue Benson Tech’s success.

The Tech Pride Volunteers aim to become an inclusive community of parents/guardians, alumni, and friends to support all aspects of the Benson Tech mission. The volunteers endeavor to facilitate communication through better coordination with administrators and staff, engagement with stakeholders, and centralization through a welcoming community structure. To that end, Tech Pride Volunteers focus on four areas of success: Student Life, Teacher Support, Tech Boosters, and Advocacy.

Student Life enhances student experiences through activities and other offerings that promote school spirit and climate/ecology, student health and wellbeing, and student college/university, career, and life readiness;
Faculty Support improves teacher effectiveness through appreciation events, professional development opportunities, and classroom and makerspace support; Tech Boosters drive sports programs achievement through fundraising, spectating, and additional efforts; Advocacy proactively keeps Portland Public Schools Board of Education aware of and aligned with the Benson Tech mission and long-term goals.

FOR MORE DETAILS, please visit and join our Tech Pride Volunteers Facebook group. ALSO, please come speak with our representatives staffing the Tech Pride Volunteers information table each night of Tech Show from 6:00 to 9:00 PM or email our leadership at techpridevolunteers [at] gmail [dot] com .

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