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Digital Media students design graphics for renovated campus

From Benson Digital Media teacher, Steve Curley:

Begun in the fall of 2022, Benson’s Digital Media Production students, Class of 2023, were tasked with conceptualizing and producing these large format banners (10’x4’ each) that will be permanently installed on the exterior or the CTE courtyard in the renovated campus.

Representing each program of study, the color scheme is meant to reflect our diverse community and the motif of mechanical drawings, taken from scans of amazing historical drawings found during our move, hope to bridge the past to the present.

AP Photo students arranged multiple photo shoots and processed all of the photos, Media Design 4 students collected and created all of the assets and arranged them in the final compositions seen here.

Working with district project managers, designers from Bassetti Architects and BPHS admin, students worked through multiple iterations, under tight deadlines to deliver the goods.

This project was 100% student conceived, planned and produced.

Half size prints will be on display at Tech Show 101, April 18-19.

Tech Pride!

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